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About Us

Breeze Hill Therapy is a pediatric occupational therapy practice specializing in healing through functional movement while using nature and animals to help clients reach their therapy goals.

Through meaningful engagement and activity, we believe that we can create an environment for learning and achieving new skills.


Yoda, Rocky, Cupcake & friends

Goat Behavior Specialists

We have 5 Nigerian goats.  Each goat has its own distinct personality.

Yoda- is black and the alpha female of the herd.

Rocky is the only male.

Cupcake- is two years old and loves to be petted.

Poppy- is three years old, the mother of Corona.  

Corona/Brownie Bite- our youngest and sweetest goat.


Winston, Sofia and Mercy in the back.

Sofia is our newest horse.  She is a 10 year old Haflinger.  She wears a muzzle because she tends to eat too much.  

Winston is 26 and is curious and has been known to chew on cell phones left unattended.

Mercy is a10 years old mare and new to our barn.


Jayne Prushing OTR/L

Occupational Therapist & Owner

Jayne, the owner of Breeze Hill Therapy, is an occupational therapist specializing in pediatrics.  She has 37 years of experience and has worked in the school systems as a private contractor and employee. She has worked at a private practice where they use horses and animals as a therapy tool.  


Jayne is married, has three daughters and four grandchildren. 


Jayne’s interest in animal-assisted therapy and therapy based in nature began in college in OT school when she was introduced to hippotherapy.  As a child growing up, she had horses and showed them at the fair with 4-h. 


Her dream was to blend both occupational therapy and horses into a therapy practice. Animals have many therapeutic benefits, including calming effects, emotional attachments, and are highly motivating to complete non-preferred tasks to get to play with animals. Nature offers practical benefits for gross motor, fine motor, and sensory experiences.  After many years of dreaming and preparing, she has opened  a private practice to help children and families reach their goals. 

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